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'80 - '90

History & Milestones 1980 - 1990

1980 - to date

calzavara produces the first self-supporting tower for SIP.  From 1980 calzavara has produced and sold in over 25 countries, more than 1000 self-supporting and guyed towers.

1983 - 1986

calzavara puts into operation infrastructures of a new approaching secondary radar network for civil aviation.

1989 - to date

calzavara founds a new company, Clampco Sistemi , that has become leader in the development of antennas and customized systems, accessories, calibration services and aircraft warning light systems. In 2007 Clampco Sistemi is incorporated into calzavara and remains active as a brand.


calzavara commences to operate with SIP to supply and install the 450 MHz RTMS mobile telephone network.

1985 - to date

calzavara is certified by Norwegian Telecom (today Telenor) as an official supplier of passive repeaters.


calzavara supplies and installs for SIP, at the Mestre (Venice) exchange, the first pilot plant in Italy with TACS standard.


calzavara introduces the use of passive repeaters for radio links in South Africa.  In addition to the supply, calzavara gives support to local engineers and installers with the relative technical training and reliability analysis, in addition to the installation and commissioning.


For the 1990 world football championship held in Italy, calzavara designs, supplies and installs wide diameter self-supporting and guyed cylindrical poles on a building up to 42 meters in height to implement the SIP mobile radio network TACS , in the Rome urban area.

1989 - 1990

Supplies and installs for FIAR S.p.a. a radio navigational aid antenna at Cerveteri (Rome) Italian army base.  Similar installations have also been carried out at the Lecce and Rovigo Italian army bases.