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'90 - 2000

History & Milestones 1990 - 2000


 'Turnkey' supply of the emergency radio network 118 for the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region of Italy.  This is the first regional integrated network for emergency health care on a national scale.

1991 – to date

The first slip-joint polygonal pole was manufactured and erected to support mobile radio network antennas. Since then calzavara has installed over 2400 of these infrastructures for the most important domestic and international telephone operators.

1992 – to date

calzavara is awarded a tender by Telecom Argentina for the supply of integrated emergency mobile radio base stations on trailer. From 1992, calzavara has supplied in Italy and overseas over 180 emergency mobile radio base stations.


calzavara cooperates with Omnitel Pronto Italia (now Vodafone) to prepare the tender for the second Italian mobile telephone operator in Italy.

1994 – to date

Omnitel Pronto Italia, is awarded the tender for the second mobile telephone operator in Italy. calzavara is one of the first companies to be an accredited supplier of products and services to implement the new mobile telephone network. From 1995 to date, calzavara ha collaborated with Vodafone to erect over 500 radio base stations.

1995 –2010

calzavara is one of the founding members and reference partners of Omnishelter.

1995 – to date

TIM (now Telecom Italia) is founded, the first Italian mobile telephone operator.  From the beginning calzavara is involved in the supply of radio base station infrastructures, in addition to the services of site location, construction, installation and testing.  From 1995 to date, calzavara has cooperated to erect over 700 radio base stations.

1997 – 1998

calzavara is a awarded an important job order for restructuring and building the mobile radio network and relative infrastructures for the services of the Trans-Tunisian gas pipeline.  This allows to resume supply relations with the North African area.


Total restructuring of the Milan Linate Airport control tower.

1998 – 2000

calzavara is a awarded an important job order for the supply and installation of radiotelevision microrepeater stations for low density subscriber areas. A few of these stations are powered directly by solar energy.

1997 - 2001

calzavara becomes a reference partner of the company PPM of Albenga (Savona-Italy), a leading company in the development of equipment for electromagnetic pollution detection and compatibility.  In 2001 the company PMM is sold.


calzavara is awarded an important job for the supply of passive repeaters that will be used to set up the new radio link backbone in Iran.


Clampo Sistemi introduces on the market the first Low Intensity obstruction light with LED bulbs.

1998 - to date

calzavara signs a maintenance contract for an important radiotelevision operator in central Italy.

1998 - 2004

calzavara is awarded an important job for the supply of antenna supporting structures, shelters and plant accessories relative to the implementation of the new mobile telephone operator in Mexico.  Within the scope of supply of the contract calzavara supports Alcatel Indetel (now Alcatel Lucent) with its own qualified personnel for the network planning management.

1998 - to date

The first artificial tree pole to camouflage radio base stations is supplied and installed.  From 1998, over 400 artificial trees have been sold in over 20 countries.

1998 - to date

calzavara designs and erects the first roof top camouflaging structure, an artificial chimney, capable of containing a whole radio base station.  From this date, over 100 roof top camouflaging structures have been erected on the domestic and overseas markets.

1999 - 2000

calzavara is awarded the tender to supply and erect a self-supporting lattice tower  H=145 m for the Mount Serra (Italy) site.