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China is looking with interest to our urban design solutions

Calzavara China Shangai

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Shangai, July 2016 - calzavara, crossing the finish line of the half-century of activity in the telecommunications, renewable energy and lighting engineering this year, has signed a memorandum of understanding with Shanghai Fu Shan Precision Manufacturing Company, a spin-off of Alcatel specialized in the field of cabinets and electronic boards.

The agreement provides that Fu Shan operates with Chinese staff, with the aim of proposing to the eastern market the architectural infrastructures for telecommunications, specifically designed to support the great development of Smart City and the Internet of Things technologies on which the Friuli-based company is investing a lot and on which is highly specialized.

In a second phase the manufacturing of the same products for the whole international market is planned. «We are one of the leading global players in the telecommunications applied to urban areas - comments CEO Marco Calzavara - flag of the "Made in Italy" all over the world, with products that are increasingly targetting to the Italian design and advanced technology. It's therefore a source of pride for us to know that a major Chinese company has identified us as partners to manufacture and market new products in the Asian market. The agreement also says a lot about the peculiarities of our Country with regard to industrial design, particularly popular in China».

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