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Join us at MWC17 to learn about our vision of the future.


The integration of the telecommunication structures into the urban landscape does not end on the need of reducing its visual impact.

The real challenge is to use this opportunity to create new elements, both beautifying and functional, to improve the urban experience.

dicecell is beautiful (the RDUs and the antennas are completely integrated into the structure), with a very typical Made in Italy design;

dicecell is functional, with a modular design that allows to combine the "specialised" units together in endless configurations.

dicecell is technological, with many "specialised" units (public illumination, information and advertising messages, smartphone charging, bicycle parking, etc) that make it perfectly adaptable to anykind of urban territory.

dicecell is a green solution, because the project offers great possibilities for the usage of renewable energy (solar batteries), cells with a backup technology and passive cool off systems for the optimization of the energy consumption.

The appointment at the MWC 2017 in Barcelona

Dicecell will be presented in February at the Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona.


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