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Anemometric structures

Self-supporting met mast

The self-supporting met masts are triangular section structures composed by uprights and diagonals linked together by bolts. These structures have been designed and manufactured in compliance with the actual metallic constructions laws and have been specifically developed for the anemometer support of an eolic plant. Compared to the guyed solutions which are more indicated for more temporary uses, the self-supporting met masts allow a relevant reduction of the occupied spaces. They are available in two different series: light and heavy.

The stability of the structures is ensured by concrete casted foundations connected to the towers by means of anchor bolts drown in the concrete cast and positioned thanks to a template included in the standard supply.
The towers are available for variable heights going 60 to 102 m with 6 m modules.
The towers are equipped with a climbing ladder provided with a rigid or flexible anchor line fall protection system compliant to the EN 353-1 and EN353-2 standards as well as arrangements for anchoring the cables along a tower leg.

At the top of structure it is possible to install a rod for the support of the top anemometer beside a higher rod supporting the lightning spike and connected to the base through an adequate grounding system. The dimensions of the instrumentation supports are fully compliant with the regulations of the IEC norm n. 61400-12-1 Annex G.