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Anemometric structures

Guyed met mast

These are lattice structures with triangular sections, legs made of hollow pipes and the diagonals and cross-bars are made of steel rods. The Anemometric towers are used for the purposes of checking on field the feasibility of high power wind fields.
The structures are equipped with a set of steel guys anchored to the ground in more places. A safety cable with anti-fall safety trolley allows to climb up one side of the structure for maintenance operations or possible extension in height of the said tower. The towers can be assembled with variable heights between  40 m and 80 m allowing to initially install one part of the structure, and in a second instance raising the height, thus guaranteeing maximum flexibility of use.
The steel profiles are made of hot-dipped galvanized steel. On the top is assembled a pole for the support of a lightning rod and at the base is foreseen suitable grounding protection systems. At customer request it is possible to equip the towers with Aircraft Warning Light Systems with a constant red light powered by PV panels. The towers are in 3 m modules having a contained weight, that can be lifted and assembled in sequence using a lifting accessory fixed directly to the tower. The base module is equipped with a spherical hinge that rests on a base plate in contact with the ground. The guys are fixed to the ground with anchoring systems that vary on the basis of the type of soil and can be made of single use small anchoring bolts to be set into the ground or by ballasts and steel pipe pegs.
The structures are able to resist wind loads of up to 160 km/h.

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