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Architectural lighting

Illumination for telecommunication structures

calzavara admires light either as a design element, or as a discreet architectural mechanism and it believes that light enhances beauty and adds value to the final appearance of cell towers.

calzavara designed telecommunication structures to be perfectly integrated with light modules, offering LED illumination throughout their outdoor surfaces, therefore allowing possibilities of colors and plays of light.

Italian design cell tower Architectural lighting mosaictower


Architectual lighting wingstyle


Architectual lighting triatower


Architectual lighting lancepole


Architectual lighting starpole


Combining illumination to the telecommunication towers

We work closely with professional partners such as architects, city planners, engineers, lighting designers to provide a wide range of lighting solutions, many of which can be custom designed to fit their specific applications.

While we are specialists, we take a holistic approach to lighting design by collaborating closely with the Customer, by bringing our knowledge of current design and advanced technology to projects, and always by making a commitment to sustainable solutions.

We want to provide a new lighting experience to our customers, using the latest technology in all our products, to facilitate transforming their creative vision into a delivered reality - we are the first company that combined the lighting technology to the telecommunication towers.

We understand how lighting affects cityscape and people. This is why we always strive to deliver the correct solution for our customer's application, providing a range of professional lighting design services, including:

  • Concept Lighting Design
  • Detailed Lighting Design
  • Control System Specification
  • Detailed Documentation
  • Consulting