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Wingstyle is an architecturally concealed site specifically studied to blend public transport needs with the development of telecommunications networks.

Telestyle Raw land urban furniture

Wingstyle bus shelter multitask pole

Wingstyle, architecturally concealed site, is the result of a design concept that combines technology and functionality - in this case relating to public transport, with present-day aesthetic and functional needs in small and large urban areas.

The supporting structure consists of tapered, metal shaft sections, which are slip-jointed. No joints are visible on the outer surface of the pole.

The Wingstyle TRISTAR top is manufactured in Vitroplex, a radio-electrically transparent material that resembles light blue, semi-transparent frosted glass. The shrouding is hot-formed and firmly fixed. Up to 3 panel antennas can be installed inside of the three-point star. An array of floodlights, in continuation with the Vitroplex shape, can be installed immediately below the top. The canopy materials match all the other parts of the structure, moving Wingstyle from a traditional radio base station to an attractive piece of urban furniture with an integrated covered waiting area.Wingstyle is available in two Canopy's shapes: symmetrical and asymmetrical, each of 5 or 6 metres in length.

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