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Flagstyle is an intelligent multifunction facility, capable of guaranteeing rational and innovative urban network management.

Telestyle Raw land urban furniture

Flagstyle Flag multitask pole

Flagstyle is an intelligent multitask infrastructure developed to manage the territory, at the same time blending into the urban fabric. This innovative product is designed for multiple functions: territory monitoring (security cameras, speed sensors/cameras for vehicles, etc.), environmental detecting (pollution measurement) and communication display (advertising, weather forecasts, traffic information, etc.). All functions are remotely managed and controlled as an independent network, with information displayed just in time or recorded and displayed as required via message boards.

The supporting structure consists of tapered, metal shaft sections, which are slip-jointed. No joints are visible on the outer surface of the pole. All the electric wiring is located inside of the structure and suitably fastened to steel cables. At the base of the structure are located service trapdoors. The variable message board is mounted in a support frame that projects from the side of the pole, similar to flag.

The Flagstyle Tristar top is made of Vitroplex, a radio-electrically transparent that resembles light blue, frosted glass. The vitroplex shrouding is hot-formed and firmly fixed to the supporting frame. Up to 3 panel antennas can be installed inside the three-point star. An array of floodlights, in continuation with the Vitroplex shape, can be installed immediately below the top.

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