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Cell on wheels flanged pole transportable on truck, allowing fast and easy installation of the said in restricted spaces.

Rapid Deployment Unit

MFUC Flanged pole

The mobile radio base stations with flanged pole are infrastructures transportable on truck, allowing fast and easy installation in restricted spaces. Their use is strategic for the rapid expansion of cellular networks, putting into service point to point radio connections, as well as supporting sudden increases of mobile traffic in case of extraordinary events (trade fairs, sport events and concerts, emergencies, catastrophic events, etc.).

The mobile support structure is composed of a special trailer with telescopic stabilizers approved for road traffic. Two versions are available: the extra compact model to house outdoor cabinets and the compact model, the latter can be fitted out with a shelter.

The antenna supporting pole, with climbing ladder up to the summit, is fixed to the main base frame and is composed of cylindrical flanged sections integrated by two or three sets of guys with a standard height of up to 30 m. The flanged pole mobile station, installable in eight hours, does not require civil works nor foundations, and is complete of lateral ballast concrete weights and a working platform in checkered plate. This mobile unit has been designed to be a temporary solution, but if requested, it can be easily transformed into a permanent station, by means of an upgrade kit, without any disruption of the service.

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