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Flanged steel poles for radio base stations, mobile radio telecommunications and radio centres.

Flanged poles

The flanged self-supporting poles are largely used for radio base stations for mobile radio telecommunications and in radio centres. The advantages of this solution are the reduced environmental impact, modularity of accessory components, shorter installation times and costs comparable to traditional lattice structures.

The supporting structure is composed of a number of cylindrical shafts of different diameters and thicknesses, that are connected together by means of bolted joints. The pole is anchored at the base by steel foundation anchor bolts cast in the reinforced concrete foundations and positioned by a template.
Heights can reach over 42 m.

The climbing ladder, with a central rigid safety guide, is supplied with tiltable footrests. The traditional caged version with intermediary resting platforms, can be supplied upon request on certain types of poles. Access by unauthorized personnel is prevented by a special anti-climb device.

The various types of flanged poles offered by calzavara , are able to satisfy the most varied needs in conformity to the antenna loads requested. 


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