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Mosaictower is a modern design cellular tower with Murano glass mosaic, a modern obelisk for the modern needs of urban territories.

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Mosaictower Murano glass tower

Mobile telephone base stations, nowadays hugely interacting with urban landscape, can no longer be considered as a simple technological element. They are becoming a contemporary symbol, connected and intertwining with material and immaterial networks. Mosaictower is an architecturally blended cell tower. A vertical architecture born by the most exclusive Italian handcraft tradition: a modern obelisk for the modern needs of urban territories.

The triangular supporting structure, consists of three externally covered steel section legs. The structure is stiffened by steel bar tie rods. The steel structure is completely covered by glass panels. The external shrouding comprises of shatterproof glass panels, each of which having Murano glass mosaic tile inserts, forming a true and proper ocean blue and green mosaic.

The technological room, foreseen at the base of the structure, houses the radio equipment and tower light power switch box. The room is equipped with door openings on three sides to allow proper maintenance.

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