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Modular panelling systems for low visual environment impact of rooftop cell antenna towers situated in the urban landscape.

Concealment rooftop structures

Roofmask Panelling

The consistent number of roof tops that crowd our cities often, from an environmental impact point of view, do not respect the areas in which they have been installed.  On the other hand replacing them with telecommunications structures harmoniously blended such as the Telestyle or Roofstyle, is unmentionable due to their high financial and technical commitment.
calzavara has the answer to this problem with a wide range of solutions aimed to reduce the landscape impact of rooftop structures placed in the urban area.  They are modular panelling systems that can be easily fixed to existing rooftop structures, giving them total restyling in reduced times and with contained costs.  The materials used range from special cloth sheets, to fiberglass, to plastic and microperforated materials, with an infinite range of colours and reproducible images on the external surfaces. 

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