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Rooftop chimneys can be installed on rooftops or terraces reducing environmental impact for radio base stations in urban areas.

Concealment rooftop structures

Chimroof Rooftop Chimneys

Reducing environmental impact, for radio base stations in urban areas, has been tackled using the vast design experiences gained and by the thorough knowledge of materials for concealing structures, such as raw land. Today, calzavara, offers the market a wide range of low environmental impact products, such as artificial chimneys (Chimroof), structures having variable heights from 6 to 12 meters, used to conceal one or more mobile telephone operators on the same station.

The metallic structural part is formed by a steel pole divided into shafts, according to the total height of the structure. Each shaft has a maximum height of 3 meters and a weight of not greater than 100 kg to facilitate installation on building roofs. The square base frame, is fixed to the roof by chemical or expansion bolts to guarantee, in addition to the correct installation, an adequate load distribution over the roof surface. The frame dimensions vary according to that of the chimney and place of installation. The locking system allows to gain access inside of the chimney at various heights to facilitate maintenance operations. The hinges, to open the cladding panels, are of electromagnetic transparent materials.

The standard chimney terminal is flat-shaped, but can also be supplied in different shapes, colour and size upon request. The materials used for the chimney terminals and concealment are of special plastics, free from metallic impurities and suitable to resist wind loads of over 160 Km/h and operating temperature ranges from – 40 and + 110 C°. Colouring and surface, in the various standard versions is grey with a smooth surface. However, it is possible to supply innumerable colours, with external surfaces similar to bricks, natural stone, etc.

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