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Base station, telecom tower and site accessories.

Accessories for radio stations

Over the years calzavara has developed a wide range of plant accessories capable of covering the most varied plant requirements relative to the telecommunications and energy networks.

Antenna mounts, in hot-dipped galvanized steel, are designed for different types of antennas, both dish and panel, and are compatible with the most commonly used support infrastructures, such as:  poles, towers, roof-top structures.

Climbing systems, with safety-guide, are suitable for any type of supporting infrastructure (towers, poles, etc.). They are also designed to allow intermediary resting platforms.

Lightning & Grounding protection has the purpose of dispersing electrical charges picked up by the structures and coaxial cables into the ground.

Cable runways , in hot-dipped galvanized steel, are standardized and supplied with the supporting accessories (support frames, fixed and variable curve components, and protecting frames).

Protection systems, in addition to traditional ice protection covers, also refer to termination protections such as dust and damp protected boxes for RF cables and to dish antenna radomes made of high quality material, e.g. Hypolan®.

Waterproof entries, modular supporting devices, clamps and small clamping accessories for traditional and RF cables, complete the range of components developed by Clampco Sistemi for calzavara are modular components in aluminium alloy, suitable for wall and roof installation.


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