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Renewable energy for TLC

GreeNet Traditional raw land sites grid connected

calzavara is the ideal partner for operators that intend introducing into their network power supply systems based on renewable energies such as photovoltaic systems and wind power, that can be integrated into back-up systems with fuel cells.

In fact, the impossibility determining energy costs is always an occurring and pressing problem, that in recent years, has been subject to an uncontrollable increase. In parallel, even the consumption for communications networks are on a constant increase. The combination  of these two factors leads to the unforeseen increase of operative costs (opex).

GreeNet is placed in this context, the proposal of calzavara  is studied for raw land sites connected to the electricity grid.

GreeNet is an innovative "technical/financial packet", exploiting energy from renewable sources to the utmost, for both self-consumption and for connection to the grid.

With GreeNet the administrators have precise and stable operative costs (Opex) for a period of up to 25 years, without a contextual increase of outlays for investments (Capex).

All this thanks to a partner, calzavara, that proposes itself as a sole interlocutor for both technical and financial aspects.

Another topic, probably the most important, offered by GreeNet is the contextual reduction of CO2 emissions, a primary element in safeguarding the environment of our plant.

GreeNet even signifies new solutions for energy back-up for radio base stations. The application of the latest generation fuel cells represents today an excellent technical alternative, green, and economically competitive even in terms of management, in respect to traditional batteries. The latter, in fact, are subject to the ever increasing problem of toxic waste disposal that they generate.