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More than 100 ideas for our product of the future

More then 100 projects

Basiliano, Nov 16th, 2015 - Our journey has begun almost one month ago, by promoting the design contest meant to identify innovative concepts for telecommunication structures in urban environment.

We invited designers, engineers, customers and partners to defy the status quo, that typical aspect related to the process of traditional design, by promoting this innovative relationship between designer and Company and we collected more then 100 projects.

Our future product will originate from these projects: a telecommunication structure able to combine urban design, environmental intelligence and technologic functionalities.

We believe in beauty, in technology, in innovation and we are firmly convinced about the new expressive meaning of telecommunication structures merged in the urban landscape: such structures need to become pieces of vertical architecture devoted to beauty, memory and dream, besides their technological function.

Today is the deadline for submitting the projects for the contest. A commission will be established in the next weeks and will select the winner and, therefore, the best project.

Are you ready to know our product of the future?

Stay tuned!

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