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Custom-tailored solutions

Heidi (Hybrid Energy Innovative Design Infrastructure)

Today the mix between green technology, design and energy efficiency represents the main road to developing innovative telecommunications infrastructures.

Heidi (Hybrid Energy Innovative Design Infrastructure) is a set of systems infrastructures: an integrated application of renewable energies (photovoltaic), new back-up technologies (fuel cell), energy efficiency (passive cooling systems) and design.
Italian design is not only a style issue. Our experience shows that design can help network planning by saving space, reducing CO2 emissions, time required to obtain permissions, allowing installation in city centers, small cross-roads and roof tops.

The steel structure is covered partially by Vitroplex panels and partially by photovoltaic modules; the PV shrouding is designed to support up to two different operators. At the base of the structure is placed a equipment room, which houses radio equipments, tower light power switch box and a fuel cell for back-up.

An external shelter is also foreseen to meet space requirements in case of non-compact equipments, micro cabinets, cooling systems or 3 operator configuration; this alternative solution complies with design criteria and specifications as it can be provided with advertising space or panels of microperforated steel sheeting.


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