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Mini tree represents an innovative solution to the problem of environmental impact of antenna supporting structures.

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Mini tree kit

Mini tree kit is a kit for camouflaging a traditional roof top site. calzavara can provide a kit of shrouding elements (net and leaf) and relevant fixing, to be placed on existing roof top poles. This kit will turn the traditional roof top site into a camouflaged mini tree site.

The kit is inclusive of just few elements:

  • radio-transparent net and leaf
  • steel galvanized mounts
  • fiberglass supporting sticks

The main advantage of this kit is to allow camouflaging the roof top site, without dismantling the existing pole, becoming a small "tree".
The system is very simple and very easy to install. The kit can be supplied 3 m and 4 m to camouflage existing roof-top poles.



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