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Pensilina Forum auto

The forum auto cover is composed by a modular structure provided with steel tubes supports, stiffened by steel base plates, hot dip galvanized and powder painted as well as a cover in prepainted corrugated sheet supported by a series of steel crossbeams. The single or double sides structure is fixed to the ground thanks to plates provided with galvanised steel anchor bolts specially designed for this purpose. The photovoltaic modules are placed on the corrugated sheet. calzavara is able to supply different solutions according to the different customer requirements. The proposed photovoltaic modules can be classified in three price and efficiency ranges, high - medium and low, according to the range different power peaks going from 2,5 KWp to 4,5 KWp can be reached. The base module of a single side structure allows two car places, the double side 4, because of the modularity of the structure, multiples of 2 and 4 places can be obtained. The installed power is increasing with the increase of the number of car places; for instance, for 10 middle size car places, the installed power can go up to 20 KWp. Inverters and control boards complete with covers for their protection can be installed on the structure's legs.

Per ulteriori informazioni: www.futurpower.com

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