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solutions sur mesure

Tailored solution to meet Customers' needs

We help city planners to invent, design and build the city and lifestyle, combining both technological and functional aspects of telecommunication structures with the aesthetic needs of our future spaces. When Clients bring us their application challenge, our engineers custom design and manufacture the right tailored solution to meet their needs - following a process that has been proven across applications and industries for more than 50 years.

We combine technology and functionality with aesthetic needs, developing products in collaboration with the best designers and architects – focusing both on the most pressing needs and on the greatest opportunities to improve quality of life for people living in the cities of the future.

murano tower

Le Murano tower se veut Ãtre une infrastructure de mobilier urbain capable d'hÃberger des antennes, des outils de tÃlÃcommunication ainsi que des installations pour l'Ãclairage public.

murano tower is a real work of art, representing a unique, exclusive, outstanding installation featuring a mosaic made up of 500,000 Murano glass tile inserts.

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Le Telestadium est un produit technologique pouvant trouver une utilisation spécifique prés des stades, des arénes ou des installations sportives, c'est à dire partout ou l' exigence d'illuminer s'unit à celle de diffuser des signaux radio pour rendre possible les services radio ou wireless en général.

telestadium is a special project specifically manufactured for stadiums, arenas, coliseums where illumination requirements fit with telecommunication diffusion needs.

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heidi is a special project: hybrid energy innovative design infrastructure. It is a set of systems infrastructures such as an integrated application of renewable energies (photovoltaic), new back-up technologies (fuel cell), energy efficiency (passive cooling systems) and design.

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