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Calzavara: quando le torri per telecomunicazioni incontrano il design italiano


TowerXchange, Issue 17, August 2016.

Marco Calzavara, CEO of the company, shares with TowerXchange what it takes to be an innovator in this sector and discusses the evolution of concealed towers from artificial trees to the infrastructure used at the Expo 2015.

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Calzavara operates in a niche market within the complex and wide telecom ecosystem. We chose to differentiate ourselves based on our specific engineering know-how. And our approach to design is based on a deep understanding of our clients' needs. In fact, more than 70% of our existing products have been created thanks to ideas initially generated in partnership with our clients. I actually think this is the key: we have a catalogue of infrastructure, which we can flexibly adapt to the specific needs of our clients and we excel at providing tailored-made solutions. Our history, skill-set and track-record of innovation are our business card and we always keep in mind our heritage of Italian design. Our entire value chain is proudly made in Italy and we always stress that Calzavara's tradition and experience aren't just born by chance but are the result of a long journey.

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