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Calzavara S.p.A.

Established in 1979, calzavara operates on the domestic and international markets in the telecommunications and energy fields.

For telecommunications, calzavara is a system integrator with traditional and innovative services and products for networks relative to fixed, wireless, cellular and broadcasting, TV, radio, surveillance radar and the broadband market in general.

Furthermore, calzavara offers "turnkey" and innovative services for alternative and renewable energies.  In particular, for the PVs, wind energy and energy back-up and storage sectors.

Architecturally designed towers to facilitate harmonious installation of radio base station in the urban area.

The proliferation of radio base stations in our cities makes it imperative to face the visual impact problem.
calzavara proposes innovative multifunction solutions of design and urban furniture, able to facilitate obtaining building permits and the harmonious installation of radio base station in the urban area. >>>

Antenna concealment solutions minimize environmental impact of antenna supporting structures. Wide range of antenna concealment solutions: from artificial trees to special false chimneys, up to specially tailored-made structures made to customer requirements.

calzavara is a world leader in the design and supply of low environmental impact solutions with a wide range of camouflaging structures, from "artificial trees" to special "false chimneys", up to specially tailored-made structures made to customer requirements. >>>

Emergency mobile stations provide immediate and reliable solutions for special events and temporary duty during construction of new sites for mobile networks. Emergency mobile stations  are transportable on truck or trailer allowing fast and easy installation of the said in restricted spaces.

The rapid implementation of mobile telephone and wireless networks requires specific transportable and mobile infrastructures, facilitating also the obtainment of construction permits. calzavara offers a wide range of products, from simple self-mounting poles up to mobile radio stations complete of shelters or outdoor cabinets. >>>


Futurpower is a calzavara brand that identifies the staff engaged in research and development of new solutions with alternative and renewable energies. Photovoltaics (traditional – solar tracker –concentrator systems), wind energy and back-up systems with combustible cells, representthe bases on which Futurpower develops its innovative products and systems. >>>

Aircraft warning light systems: traditional, LED type and PV powered and also low, medium and high-intensity.

Clampco Sistemi is an affirmed well-established calzavara brand, operating for over 10 years in the design and manufacture of a wide range of low, medium and high intensity obstruction light systems according to ICAO and FAA norms. With many innovative solutions, such as products developed for power distribution overhead line obstruction lights. >>>

EMI (ElectroMagnetic Interference) and EMF (ElectroMagnetic Field) systems. Narrow band measurement passive devices: biconical antenna, triaxial antenna (isotropic antenna). Narrow band measurements active devices: electric field probe, magnetic field probe.

Clampco Sistemi is an affirmed well-established calzavara brand, operating for over 10 years in the design of special antennas and measuring systems EMI (Electro-magnetic Interference) and EMF (Electro-magnetic Field). Its antennas and  the electromagnetic e-smoguard system represent today highly innovative solutions in this sector. >>>

Raw land, rooftop and traditional co-located structures for mobile radio telecommunications and in radio centres.

calzavara is a historical manufacturer of towers, poles and infrastructures for roof tops and co-located plants, for both telecommunications and broadcasting. The high degree of quality and competitivity of its products begins from the design, together with the long experience of over 30 years, finds proven results in the innovative standardization of components. >>>

Base station, telecom tower and site accessories.

The long experience gained as an installer of networks has lead calzavara to develop a complete range of plant accessories for radio base stations. Today the catalogue of products offers from grounding kits to horizontal cable bridges, standardized antenna mounts, to clamps, to waterproof entries up to small clamping accessories for electric and RF cables. >>>


Passive repeaters are infrastructures necessary for implementing microwave radio networks in areas (mountains, city regions, etc.) where radioelectric visibility is missing between the terminals. calzavara passive repeaters are present in hundreds of radio links operating in Italy and numerous countries overseas. >>>