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Triatower is an architecturally blended cellular tower with triangular supporting structure that minimize environmental impact of telecommunication antennas in urban areas.

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Triatower Triangular tower

To minimize environmental impact of antenna supporting structures, calzavara, has created Triatower vertical architecturally blended structures. The result combines technology and functionality with present-day aesthetic needs in both large and small urban areas.

The triangular supporting structure consists of three legs joined together by hidden flanges and stiffened by design steel bar tie rods recessed in the thickness of the fixing plate. The intersection of the tie rods is enclosed in a shaped steel cover that is a design feature.

The top is made of Vitroplex, a radio-electrically transparent material that resembles light blue frosted glass. Corner components, in hot-formed sheet, follow the rounded triangular shape of the structure.

The antennas are fixed by a Ø 114 mm mount, fitted inside the Vitroplex top. Within the top structure, which is divided into three or four different modules, depending on the tower height, it is possible to install up to 6 panel antennas and up to 2 dish antennas (max. diameter 60 cm), for each module. The installation of several modules at the top of the tower makes Triatower, suitable for a multi-operator use.

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